Original Creation #25 – To The Other Side

Open your eyes
And watch me sing
To the other side 
Don’t leave us yet
It’s not the time 

It’s not the time


So put on a smile
Don’t walk away 
To the other side
I won’t forget
All the happy time

Of you and I


I know you’re here
I know you’re here
Time took you away to the other side  
To a better place
Over that rainbow
Over that rainbow

©2018 PastReminisce


9 thoughts on “Original Creation #25 – To The Other Side

      1. Yes! Greay to have you.. I just hear on SoundCloud.. read lyrics that time lol..
        I loved guitar strings! 😍 Perfect dear ❤😉🤗

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  1. Beautiful. May I ask, could you tell me all aspects of the production of the song? I’m an aspiring musician myself and I’ve got a couple dozen songs written that I want to work on but I don’t know where to start.

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    1. Hi Bruceather! Thank you for dropping by.

      Sure thing! The process of producing a song is these few steps. Songwriting, Arranging, Tracking, Editing, Mixing & Mastering. You have your songs written. So you have cleared the “Songwriting” part.

      Moving on. You may want to ask yourself these questions. 🙂 Do you play any instruments? What kind of “mood” or theme do you want the song to be? Did you try to compose a vocal melody for your song?

      An alternative way, you may want to proceed to a freelancer site, like “Fiverr”, which you can hire someone to compose a melody for you with your lyrics. 🙂 Hope it helps.


      1. Well, i’ve got the vocal melodies of all the songs i’ve written (However basic they may be). I play guitar and a little bit of piano. I have enough songs to cover an album (Even got the tracklisting). In that album I want ballads, pop, rock and funk (Especially a combination of funk and pop). So, what about the other aspects of producing a song? I’d like you to tell me about the programs you use and the places where you publish it (And if you are making any money out of it, how you keep your publishing rights and how you earn that money)


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